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Walking Tours NYC | NYC Tours | New 2 NY Tours


           Experience New York from a whole NEW perspective,                                   unlike any other New York Walking Tour! 

Together we will explore hidden neighborhood gems & walk the path of a local NYer. New 2 NY Tours walking tours are unique because we are NOT historians, nor do we want to overwhelm you with long history lessons and relentless facts you can read on your own time. We offer you an entirely different tour experience from a NYer’s point of view because we are more interested in telling you the story and all about the people that make up each neighborhood. We share some hidden secrets and reveal restaurants and bars that only the locals know about. Guests have more of an opportunity to interact with one another and exchange their cultural stories. It’s all about “Living La Vida Local” on our                                Neighborhood, Food & Specialty Tours and creating memories that will last a lifetime!


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Neighborhood Tours

Whether you are moving to New York City, a visiting tourist, or even a native NYer interested in learning something new about this great city, we offer tours that will take you off the beaten path into the heart of each neighborhood to discover what makes NYC so unique. On our neighborhood tours, you will learn the colorful history, culture, and many surprising facts about each neighborhood you never knew. Join us on an adventure as we explore local gems, reveal the location of the first mob hit, see NYC’s $30 million house, and discover many other hidden secrets of NY. Our mission is to give you an experience like you have never seen before all the while supporting the local community and giving back to the smaller mom and pop shops in each neighborhood.

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Food & Specialty Tours

Why pay $4.00 for a cup of coffee at a chain coffee shop or $60 for a white tank top at an expensive department store? New 2 NY Tours will take you around the city to discover where the locals drink their delicious coffee, do their shopping, taste exotic foods, and even take time off to relax and smell the flowers in New York City’s most beautiful gardens. Even native NYers are surprised by some of the off the beaten path locations we share on our tours.

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Cooking and Planning Events for Charity - On the anniversary of September 11th, a day that will go down in history, we take time to reflect on our own lives and give back to those less fortunate. We will never forget those brave heroes who sacrificed their lives to save others. It’s all about giving back. New 2 NY Tours is a huge...
Save our City! - Do we want a Homogenized NYC? Say it ain’t so! Gentrification has reared its ugly head once again taking over the New York City’s unique culture and has put a damper on symbolic traditions throughout our neighborhoods. What was once been considered the melting pot of the world has become more and more homogenized. The...
It’s All About Our Customers- A World of Colors! - The Tourism business is a big part of what keeps an country’s economy afloat! There are over 50 Million internationals that visit NYC every year! Whether it is to book hotels, see museums and other attractions, eat at lavishing restaurants, or take city wide tours, people from around the world want to see what makes...
The Secret Gardens of NYC - Welcome to the lush oases hidden among the concrete jungle of New York City! The gates have been open, but only temporarily… Good ol’ New York New York. The Best City in the world. When you think of the city of New York, “The City that Never Sleeps,” or “The Big Apple” and of course...
A NEW Way to Discover NYC -         You have just moved to New York City with it’s mixture of humanity, culture, art, music, fashion, theatre, business, unique and flavorful neighborhoods. How do you make any sense of this overwhelming cornucopia and diversity of life? We are here to throw you a lifeline; to give you a little help and get acquainted with what...

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