It’s All About Our Customers- A World of Colors!

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The Tourism business is a big part of what keeps an country’s economy afloat! There are over 50 Million internationals that visit NYC every year! Whether it is to book hotels, see museums and other attractions, eat at lavishing restaurants, or take city wide tours, people from around the world want to see what makes NYC so special. New 2 NY Tours appreciates everyone’s individuality and caters to each and every one of their guests, not only the visiting tourists, but the native NYers, who sometimes overlook NYC’s most precious gems. So when we got challenged by Joshua Coffy of Flight Media to write one blog post every day, at first we were skeptical and weary about what should we write, but then it came to us! New 2 NY Tours is all about learning something new and meeting NEW people so I am writing about our guests. We too are learning something NEW every day!




Since we cater to small private groups, we strive to interact with each guest to learn their background and culture. We are genuinely interested in who they are as a person. Everyone has a unique story to tell and every one of our guests add so much value, love, and color to our tours. It is more important for us to share our real life stories and not focus on bombarding travelers with relentless facts. It is more about creating a connection, supporting the local mom and pop shops, and building a community. The best part about this NEW style of tours is we hug each of our guests when we say our goodbyes as if we have known each other for many years. It’s that comfortable! Whether you are from London, German, China, or even NYC, every one deserves a hug! We meet people on our tours who have lived in the city for many years. They tell us how surprised they are that they are STILL learning something about the city they never knew. This is when we know we are doing our job! People come in from around the world and many want to see the typical tourist attractions, but we want to give our guests the REAL NY experience, we call it Living La Vida LOCAL or “Live Like a Local.”   We are bringing back the human side of tourism!  It may not be what you are used to, the company may have a different vision of what tourism is all about, but that’s why we are NEW 2 NY Tours and that’s what makes us unique! Please join us on a tour anytime!



So Cheers to the mom and pop home made bakery goods, the hole in the wall coffee shops, and especially to all the individuals that make up our wonderful diverse NYC melting pot!  With our walking tours, no matter where you are from, YOU will come to realize and appreciate the true significance as to why NYC really is the best city in the world!

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