The Secret Gardens of NYC

Welcome to the lush oases hidden among the concrete jungle of New York City!

The gates have been open, but only temporarily…

Good ol’ New York New York. The Best City in the world. When you think of the city of New York, “The City that Never Sleeps,” or “The Big Apple” and of course the “Empire State” the most appropriate nickname that comes to mind is “The Concrete Jungle” for all the sidewalks and skyscrapers made of concrete and all the 8 million people that walk the streets daily. You will be surprised to learn that there are more than 500 or 3% of NYC is made up of lush green landscapes and beautiful thriving gardens like you would see in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. New York City is the city that is always in motion. The people are always in a hurry rushing off to get somewhere, there is always something that needed to get done (yesterday) that they don’t take a moment to stop and smell the flowers.

As a native NYer myself, it’s truly remarkable all the information I learned about the NYC landscape, that I never knew before. For instance the Native Americans that inhabited this land before the Dutch named it Manhattan meaning “land of many hills.” Who would have known that Manhattan is hilly? Seems pretty flat to me. Also a lot of the barren land was going to be used for development sites until the community and Green Thumb and other federations spoke up and protested. This encouraged the local community to come together and create these magnificent gardens.

We are so honored to take our guests around the city and see their eyes light up as they discover something new for the first time! One guest told us that she lived in NYC for 50 years and never knew some of these gardens even existed!

The Garden Tours will encourage you to open your eyes, really SEE your surroundings, and appreciate what NYC has to offer. Please check out the website for details New 2 NY Tours. Join us on Sundays, August 24th, September 14th, and September 21st to unlock a world of beauty in our own backyard. The Summer is NOT over yet! Enjoy every moment!

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