The East Village- Hippest Part of Town Tour

LUNCH INCLUDED! Get your sneakers, walking shoes, sandals, or boots on. You will need them for this tour of the East Village and Alphabet City.

The East Village’s energy will keep you wanting to discover all the funky, hip bars, bookshops, cafes, clubs, boutiques and galleries. The East Village is known for it’s laid-back attitude and is a welcoming neighborhood. We will unveil some of it’s treasures as you meet or pass by socialites, TV & film stars, and some interesting locals. This neighborhood is filled with variety of creative and free spirits. After all, this was at one point the punk rock neighborhood!

Just a further east lies, Alphabet city, once considered “no man’s land” and now is the shabby chic neighborhood filled with hipsters of many cultures. We will discover many of the nooks and crannies and discover some history of the neighborhood that never sleeps.

Daytime Tour:
3 Hours- 11am-2pm.


Lunch Included

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