Off the Beaten Path in the West Village to SoHo Tour

LUNCH INCLUDED! The West Village is distinguished by its “off the grid” streets and its old world charming appeal, with gardens, parks, and townhouses. Depending where you are from, the West Village could be a small town in New England or a village in Europe. Of course, it is located in the middle of our countries biggest city with its fast pace by day and intimate vibe at night. We will introduce you to the bars, restaurants, boutiques, shops, and natural settings sprinkled from the West Village to SoHo.

SoHo was named for being south of Houston Street. Known as the Cast Iron neighborhood located in Lower Manhattan, these streets are filled with art galleries, beautiful architecture, and tons of history. In the past few years, this area has become more popular for the variety trendy upscale boutiques to national and international chain stores.

Day Tour:
3 hours, 11:30-2:30pm.

Cost: $50

Lunch Included!

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